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National Ugly Mugs hoodies, t-shirts and badges for sale!

We are trying to raise as much extra money as possible for the NUM Scheme which will allow us to visit more projects and help us provide more Ugly Mugs leaflets.  We’re had great feedback about the t-shirts and hoodies that they’re proving to be really useful (and comfortable) on outreach. They also help raise awareness about the Scheme which is so important.

Hoodie (available in both male and female sizes S, M, L, XL, XXL)     £25

T-shirt (available in both male and female sizes S, M, L, XL, XXL)       £15

To see how the t-shirts look please go to the “meet the team” tab on the Ugly Mugs part of the website and you’ll see them proudly modelled by the NUM Team. If projects would like to order 5 or more of any of the above items we may be able to reduce the price (as they’re cheaper for us to buy in bulk).

Metal pin badges                                                                                        £2

Also, if you think you’ll be able to sell some pin badges in the reception area of your project then please let us know.

You can pay by BACS, paypal or cheque (click on the donate button on the website or e-mail the NUM Team on

The more extra money we can make the more effectively we can spread the word and improve the safety of as many sex workers as possible.


The NUM Team